1st day in San Francisco on my own

Today we had a half day with the TLP program kickoff. It was an exhausting week for me. Had a lot of compelling conversations that were difficult. The kickoff week to me is half motivation and happiness and half psychiatrist visit (a good one)

Benjamin had a great quote this week. This is a paraphrase but I believe it captures the sentiment. "Feelings and emotions from employees are considered a 'bug' for a shitty manager but a 'feature' for a good one."

RC did me a solid yesterday and introduced me to Edwin. He is chief architect and working with Xoom a lot. So hopefully I can do some good and help him accomplish moving Xoom forward correctly. 

After wrapping up in San Jose, I took the Caltrain down to San Francisco. Back in my apartment, I opened the windows and then head off to Target to get some more basics. I came back with a non-stick frying pan, a Brita filter pitcher, some ziplock bags & containers along with a few other miscellaneous items.

I got home, ate Chipotle and ran the dishwasher with the new pitcher and containers. Then I head out to the gorgeous Apple Store at Union Square. I picked up an AppleTV for the apartment as I think there will be a lot of streaming since I have the basics Comcast cable package. As I was leaving Union Square, the fog was beginning to roll in.

Afterward, I went over to my favorite spot that reminds me of City Limits, Ace's which is on the corner of Sutter and Hyde. The bartender remembered me from last weekend and asked about Cathy. My type of joint.

On top of that, Ace's has its own Pokemon Go stop!