1st Full Week in San Francisco

I finished my first full week in San Francisco. As I write this on Sunday morning, July 24th I am packing up my suitcase for my 1st of likely three or four trips to Guatemala as part of this six months I am spending with the Xoom team. Half of the Xoom team works from Guatemala as part of my Host Leaders former BlueKite team which was acquired by Xoom in early 2014. 

I started with the team on Monday the 18th, and they were all welcoming from the very beginning. To a person, I have felt like I have been with the team for weeks already. I appreciate that as it's hard to start what is essentially a second new job in six months. I spent the first half of the week getting my laptop proper access and the 2nd half of the week deep diving in the projects I will be working on and starting my mental mind map of how everything fits together. While tiring, it was a productive week and preps me to meet the teams in Guatemala this coming week.

Here are some photos around the office. First, the logo and welcome wall in the elevator lobby. 

My desk is ready on day-1, perfect!

My host leader Bobby is rocking three screens to stay on top of shit.

The view of the bay from the conference room right behind my desk. Yes, it is beautiful.

Finally, every conference room has an iPad outside its schedule for the day, when the room is booked and by whom. You also can impromptu book it right there on the iPad, so if you see a free room, it is two taps to making it yours. Dope.

first_week_in_sf - 7.jpg

Outside of work, I have been slowly expanding my circle of places to visit around the locations of work and my apartment. Since it was a full week of work, I did not get many pictures, but here are a few neat ones. The first is a cool black and white contrast image. The second one shows you just how steep the hills here are. They had to put stairs in the sidewalk and my phone is level for this image to show the steepness as best as possible.

Finally, Ace's has become my go-to watering hole. Friendly people, the MLB package so I can watch the Orioles and they cater to my Miller Lite tastebuds. Also, while there on Saturday, I learned a San Francisco local bar game. 1-4-24 which per Wikipedia can be called Midnight. You play for dollars, and it is a hell of a lot of fun.