Wrapping up August in San Francisco

I have not written anything up in the past few weeks even though a ton has happened. To say I have been busy is an understatement.

When I came back from Guatemala, I was sick for a week. After that, work picked up with a lot of late days. But on the weekend, I bought a bicycle helmet on August 6th and signed up for the Bay Area Bike Share and road around downtown SF each weekend since. It is great to get exercise and have an excuse to bike around different neighborhoods.

I also found I live two blocks from Sightglass Coffee and CellarMaker Brewing. There were a few very good coffees and brews in these locations.

Cathy came out for a weekend, and we had a ball together. The four weeks since I had last saw her was the longest we had been apart for 11 years. So we had a phenomenal time on the weekend just hanging out and smiling and laughing. We ended up doing a hike in the city at Land's End Trail. We took it all the way up to the Golden Gate Bridge. Here is the track of our hike along with some photos from it.


After that hike, we went to AT&T Park to see the Orioles playing the Giants. A great view from most of the seats in this park. Unfortunately, the O's got pummeled.

The next morning we set off to explore the Mission District in San Francisco. It was beautiful weather, and we ended up spending some time relaxing in Dolores Park with this fantastic view.

The weekend after Cathy was in town I took an impromptu solo trip to Vegas for about 36 hours. 


I stayed at the Linq and had a fun time just getting away for the weekend and letting loose. Being the middle of August, it was hot as hell, and these misters all over the pathways made it reasonable when trying to walk from casino to casino.

Also, Caesars was celebrating its' 50th anniversary. They had a red celebration sash over Caesar in the entryway. Below that is a picture showing Caesar's original gambling floor still there after 50 years.

I used the Vegas Monorail to visit SLS and Westgate. I have never been to Westgate before and wanted to see its' SuperBook™ sports book. Wow, it is huge, there must be 200 feet of LCD screen on this wall. It is all configurable to show different channels at different sizes too.

During the weekend was UFC 202 which had the McGregor vs. Diaz fight. I looked for tickets, but the prices were ridiculous. So I decided I would try and watch it at one of the places in the city. I found a bar in the Linq plaza showing it, but it was full and was ten people deep watching through the windows, and I could not see anything. So I went to O'Sheas and sat at the outside bar to people watch. 

As an aside, in my opinion, the outside bar at O'Sheas is one of the best people watching places in Vegas. If you are there, check it out.

I knew my cousin Ryan sometimes gets the UFC fights, so I asked him to FaceTime it for me if he had it.  Sure enough 3 minutes later I am watching the first round of the main event. It was amazing to think I was viewing a fight occurring six hotels south from where I was on the Las Vegas Strip. But the feed was streaming from the arena to satellites down to my cousin's cable PPV feed in Connecticut, then over the internet to my phone back in Las Vegas. The future is here, and it is beautiful. Below is a screenshot of the FaceTime stream.

The bartender had a bet on the fight and was super pumped to be able to watch in between serving people. He ended up hooking me up with a few free beers. By the end of the fight, there were five people huddled around my phone on the bar watching and cheering. It ended up being a great fight, and I am very thankful to Ryan for hooking me up. Here is a video of the bartender celebrating the Irishman McGregor's victory over Diaz. He may or may not have also had some money on the fight. 

This past week since Vegas has been a blur. Work is starting to get very busy now that I know enough to be dangerous. Also, I am already starting to look at opportunities for my next rotation. Time is flying by already.