1st Weekend in Sydney

It is Sunday morning, and I am writing this from the Paramount Coffee Project which serves some phenomenal espresso.

It is so very weird for it to be Sunday morning but football isn't on today. It will be Monday morning at 7:00 am when the Packers vs. Falcons game kicks off. The positive if that I will be awake, but the negative is I will be at work.

The past few days, I have explored further and further from my apartment neighborhood. Yesterday I walked an hour to get to Balmain village. It was a beautiful day at 72ºF and mostly sunny, so the walk was perfect. The area itself is great with a ton of small shops and restaurants and importantly no brand name places. On the way there, I walked across the Anzac Bridge which had some perfect lighting for backlit photos.

On the way back I used the ferry for the first time to take me from to Circular Quay. It was near sunset, so I was taking a bunch of photos a few of which look great.

Circular Quay is the main ferry terminal and is right next to the Sydney Opera House. The trip allowed me to get some great closer photos than you can get all the way across the water near the Park Hyatt.

These are some random miscellaneous thoughts I had these past few days.

  • The Darlinghurst neighborhood is full of hipsters, and it feels like I never left San Francisco.
  • Cars are right-hand drive, and you drive on the left instead of the right. This right-hand thing extends to how people walk on the sidewalk and even on escalators (stand on the left and pass on the right). I am not even close to used to it yet, and I keep looking the wrong way at intersections.
  • People like to drink here. More than once I saw a table full of guys each with a personal pitcher of beer.
  • Music is very American and a lot of hip-hop compared to places in the US. Even this coffee shop I am in at 9 am as I type this is playing a lot of Kanye, Lil' Wayne and Kendrick Lamar and not the edited versions. I love it, but this is atypical from home in the US where it would be classic rock or cheesy pop music at most coffee shops.

To wrap up, below is a cheesy selfie from the ferry.