February in Australia

At the beginning of February was the Super Bowl. I watched it on my 2nd monitor in the office since it started at 10:30 am on Monday morning in Australia. That fact summarizes one major thing I miss about home. Sports that I want to watch are on during the morning and afternoon which means I am at work and not able to watch games with a beer as I would prefer.

Outside of my family and friends plus U.S. sports being at an unfriendly time, there is not much about Australia that I do not like. February is similar in weather to August in the U.S., so it was hot and humid just like back home in Maryland. You get afternoon thunderstorms and that great smell in the air after a thunderstorm has rolled through the area. A huge difference is that I am a 30-minute ferry ride to beautiful ocean beaches.

February started off amazing as Cathy flew out to visit for two weeks.

She had a great time exploring around town during the week. The first of the two weekends we went out to Manly Beach. A nice laid back beach vibe and not too busy which is important. You also get a great view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge on the ferry to Manly.

The second weekend we flew down to Tasmania and had a phenomenal time. By luck, there was a Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart for the weekend, so even our down time walking around the harbor was interesting.

One Saturday we had booked a day trip to Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park. 

Sadly, Cathy had to fly back home to Baltimore the day after we got back from Tasmania. I cannot wait to see her again in June. Until then we do FaceTime. Noon here in Australia is 8 pm back home which is a good time for both of us.

Two weeks after Cathy left I was out to dinner on a Tuesday evening. I was feeling a little lonely, and I decided I needed to get out and explore more of Australia rather than sitting around Sydney. So right then and there I booked a flight and hotel in Melbourne for that coming weekend. Whereas I feel Sydney has a San Francisco vibe to it, Melbourne appears more like Portland. The Melbourne people are more laid back and friendly, and life seems a little slower and relaxed than Sydney is. 

I did not take many photos, but I did get a few at the Melbourne Zoo.

Below are some miscellaneous things I have done or noticed that I want to jot down.
- The legal drinking age is 18 in Australia. Think you feel old at a bar back home in America?
- I was in Australia for three weeks before I even saw Foster's beer. There is a ton of smaller local brands here, and Fosters does not have any traction. I wonder if it is more of a regional beer in other parts of the country.
- If you go to Melbourne and like diverse culture and people, then you should walk from Flinders downtown past the museum and up to the Fitzroy neighborhood.

Wrapping up on a great note, lets look at what the folks in Sydney did when there is a road called Batman Lane.